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2 Minutes of Terror, 30 Years of Grief

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On Dec. 7, 1988, Clyde “Buddy” Spence entered a Texas daycare center and shot two workers in front of dozens of screaming children. One worker, Joyce Marques, suffered three serious bullet wounds but survived. The other worker, her daughter in-law, Charlotte “Dawndy” Marques suffered two bullet wounds and died climbing a playground fence as she fled the gunman.

After three months on the lam, Spence was arrested and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Scott Reeder, then a cub reporter at the Galveston Daily News covered the 1989 trial of Spence, where he was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison. The case has long haunted Reeder, a veteran journalist who now produces the hit podcast Suspect Convictions. Questions that he has asked over the years are: What impact have those two minutes of terror had on the community  almost 30 years after the crime? Does a family ever reach closure after suffering such a loss? How has the trauma affected the children who witnessed the crime? And what becomes of man after 30 years in some of Texas’ most violent prisons?

Reeder returned to Galveston County and interviewed the woman wounded in the attack, the sisters of the person killed, one of the children narrowly missed by the bullets, detectives who worked the case and prosecutors who have kept him behind bars. He also visited Spence in the Texas prison where he is being prepared for release into society. The answers he received were surprising and go to the heart of society’ most challenging questions regarding grief, forgiveness and healing.


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17: Season Finale: What’s Next?

On this unexpected season finale of Suspect Convictions, we learn about some breaking news in the case, including large disagreements between Stanley Liggins and his attorney, and the actions that have been taken. We discuss whether Stanley is purposefully delaying the trial, or if he has legitimate reasons to delay. In the second half, Scott visits the jail where Stanley has been being held for the last three years. In the second half, Scott visits the jail where Stanley has been being held for the last three years.



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16: A Victim Speaks

A month before Jennifer Lewis was killed, Stanley Liggins was arrested for sexually abusing another 9-year-old girl. This victim, now in her 30s,  shares a chilling story of what happened to her that terrible day. Lawyers debate whether this prior bad act should be used in the upcoming murder trial. And a mother provides testimony about what she says Liggins told her.




15: Roundtable: Illegally Obtained Evidence and the Death Penalty

Today we’re looking at some of the broad issues that were raised by the case of Stanley Liggins Vs. the State of Iowa such as the exclusionary rule, which can block certain types of evidence from being presented in court if the court finds that they were obtained illegally by the police, how much prior bad acts should be allowed in as evidence against a suspect, as well as issues surrounding the death penalty.



14: Secret Payoffs? The Police Informant

On today’s episode, Stanley Liggins wants to fire his defense team, so we discuss what that means for the upcoming trial. In addition, we talk about the paid informant involved in the Stanley Liggins case, and look at the defense strategies that may be used during the upcoming trial.



12: Running on Fumes

For this episode, we go back to 1990, Stanley Liggins’ living situation at the time, and some promises that Stanley claims were made to him by police and not kept. We also talk about certain missing reports that could play a role in the upcoming trial and whether there could be other reports that were never turned over.




11: Justice on the Move

Today’s episode discusses the preliminary hearings last week, how Stanley Liggins’ personal appearance has the potential to be a factor, why the podcast was cited as part of the reason of the change of the trial venue, why that doesn’t make sense, and the fact that Scott was subpoenaed for the case and what that means going forward.

10: Aphrodite Jones Questions Prosecution and Defense Attorneys

This week, we sat down with a panel of guests to talk about the case. Both defense and prosecutor attorneys from the original case have agreed to discuss, and we’ve brought in veteran true-crime investigator and bestselling author Aphrodite Jones.


Aphrodite Jones: New York times bestselling author of “Cruel Sacrifice” and host of the TV show “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones.” AphroditeJones.com

Bill Davis: Former Scott County Attorney, prosecutor in first two trials.

Mike Tobey: Stanley Liggins 2nd defense attorney


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09: Strange and Suspicious Behavior

There are a lot of reasons that the Stanley Liggins case is far from a done deal. In this episode, we are talking about the other suspects, why their behavior is strange, why the jury won’t even know about a lot of the information we have, and how that could play into the final decision.