Podcast Episodes

08: The Media Glare

What role does the media play in a high-profile case like the one explored in Suspect Convictions? That is the question that this episode tackles.

Media coverage has always played a role in this case, from initial television and newspaper coverage, to talk show radio, and now, this podcast. Opinion pieces often mix with factual coverage in the public’s mind, and it can get messy. How has that played a role in the Jennifer Ann Lewis case from the very beginning, and what role does this podcast play in the case?

07: Roundtable Discussion of the Suspect Convictions Case

This episode is a conversation between experts about the details of the Stanley Liggins case, potential suspects, and alternate theories surrounding the case.

In addition, Scott Reeder answers listener’s questions.


Colin Miller, Professor, University of South Carolina Law School, contributor of “Undisclosed” http://undisclosed-podcast.com/

Amber Hunt: Host of “Accused” http://www.cincinnati.com/series/accused/

Payne Lindsey: Host and Producer of “Up and Vanished” http://www.upandvanished.com/

06: The Mind of a Killer

There are many uncertainties surrounding the Stanley Liggins case. On this episode, we’re looking into the psychology of a murderer, and what is going on in somebody’s mind who might do something like this.

In addition, we address the difficulties around long-term memory, how memories change and morph over time, and what can and cannot be trusted in a testimonial, even of an eyewitness.

05: Furor and a Juror

What are the processes that go into ensuring that a jury is impartial?


In this episode we look at the jury involved in the Stanley Liggins case, and explore how issues of race may have played into the final decision.


While the jury was entirely white, Bill Davis says “You are not entitled to a jury makeup that looks like you. You are entitled to a draw from the general population, where people are not excluded.”


04: An Accused Killer

Who was Stanley Liggins? The man convicted of murdering Jennifer Lewis has a mixed history. In this episode we’re exploring who he was, and the events during his life that shaped him.


During hard times, his family said that he was always the one who kept the family laughing. But Stanley also had a history with the law.


03: A Suspect Conviction

About a week after Jennifer was murdered, Scott County prosecutor Bill Davis decided to charge Stanley Liggins with murder. He was one of the only people involved who felt they had enough evidence to charge him, but decided to go ahead with it.


Bill Davis says they made the arrest more quickly than they usually would, because of the nature of the crime, and their conclusion that the suspect was a “danger to society.”
But what is the evidence?


02: Jennifer’s tragic story

Before Jennifer’s tragic death, she was living with her mother, stepfather, and newborn baby brother, in Rock Island, Illinois.

Jennifer’s mother describes her: “She had brown eyes, brown hair, a pretty smile, teeth like her dad, and she was a little tomboy.”

This episode explores Jennifer Ann Lewis, and the home she grew up in.


01: Evil in the School Yard

Suspect Convictions is a podcast from WVIK, an NPR affiliate, and Scott Reeder Reporting, covering the murder of 9-year old Jennifer Ann Lewis, and the case against the man accused of murdering her, Stanley Liggins.


Stanley was tried and convicted twice for the murder. Both convictions were overturned. He will go to trial for a 3rd time this May, and is currently being held in a Scott County, Iowa jail.