Season 2

15: A 60 Year Wait for Justice


Darrel Parker was a 24-year-old newlywed when he was convicted of murdering his wife in Lincoln, Nebraska. He spent the next 60 years fighting to clear his name. Scott Reeder interviews the 86-year-old Parker and takes listeners on a 60-year journey until Parker was able to prove his innocence and receive an apology from the state.


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14: Looking Back and Forward


Hosts Willis Kern and Scott Reeder recap what they’ve discovered over the first 13 episodes covering Barton McNeil’s conviction. And they look ahead at what’s next for the Illinois Innocence Project, which is expected to file motions seeking a new trial for McNeil in the coming months.

13: Who is Barton McNeil?


Misook’s ex-husband says she tried to get him to plant drugs on Bart the night of the murder. And Scott Reeder and Willis Kern examine Bart’s life before prison.

12: A Mysterious Bed Purchase


The bed in which Christina McNeil was murdered was later purchased at a thrift store by the same woman who the girl’s father says killed her, a Department of Children and Family services report indicates. That is one of the revelations in this week’s episode of Suspect Convictions. After Barton McNeil was arrested and ultimately convicted of the murder, his brother donated the bed to The Salvation Army. Misook (Nowlin) Wang was doing community service at The Salvation Army at that time, related to a domestic abuse case against her. Wang is said to have bought the bed and gave it to her own daughter to sleep on.

11: Relative Innocence


Two of Barton McNeil’s cousins have been tireless advocates for his innocence. What motivates them to help a man neither knew before he was convicted of murder? Grace Schlafer from Indiana and Chris Ross from California have interviewed witnesses, poured over documents, and questioned detectives. They were instrumental in getting the Illinois Innocence Project involved in McNeil’s fight for exoneration. The Illinois Innocence Project is expected to file motions soon in hopes of winning McNeil a new trial.

10: A Letter From Misook


Scott Reeder shares a letter he received from Misook Nowlin Wang, who is serving a 55-year prison sentence for killing her mother in-law. She addresses Barton McNeil’s assertions that she killed his 3-year-old daughter Christina.
Reeder and co-host Willis Kern are joined by social psychologist and true-crime buff Amanda Vicary, a professor at Illinois Wesleyan University to discuss the twists and turns in the McNeil case to date.

08: Ask Bart

Barton McNeil is incarcerated in the the murder of his 3-year-old daughter, Christina. He maintains he is innocent. While serving a life sentence at an Illinois maximum security prison, he answered questions from Suspect Conviction listeners.



The Other Murder


Misook Nowlin Wang was the alternate suspect presented by the defense in the killing of 3-year-old Christina McNeil. What is known for certain is that she killed her mother in-law Linda Tyda, 11 years later. Scott Reeder and Willis Kern explore this murder and how it may or may not impact Barton McNeil’s case.


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Shades of Serial

Suspect Convictions hosts Willis Kern and Scott Reeder are joined by guest Rabia Chaudry, an attorney whose friend Adnan Syed’s murder conviction was featured in the first season of Serial. She hosts the Undisclosed podcast. They were also joined by Charlie Worrell, co-host of the crime podcast In Sight.